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CoCoRa – Newsletter No. 1

About CoCoRa

CoCoRa is a two-year European project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, aiming to develop and test a new community-based prevention strategy against radicalisation towards violent and militant extremism among young people. All activities of the CoCoRa project actively involve young people, focusing on their empowerment and equal and active citizenship.


Activities foreseen

  • The CoCoRa Collaborative Programme: collaborative workshops/meetings with local resource persons to: introduce the project and its objectives and launch brainstorming, planning, announcement and engagement of young persons for the prevention programme.
  • The CoCoRa Prevention Programme: a long-term course of various activities, focusing on: equal and active citizenship in practice, antidiscrimination, democracy and citizen´s right and duties, religiousness in a secular society, empowerment and the so-called self-including citizenship.
  • The CoCoRa Ambassador Programme: training programme for young participants at the prevention programme to become spokesmen towards local authorities and professionals working in the field of prevention.
  • The CoCoRa Prevention Strategy: a total prevention package, consisting of interactive methodical handbooks, presenting all materials from the CoCoRa programmes. 



What has been done to date in CoCoRa?

CoCoRa Collaborative Programme

CoCoRa partners launched cooperation with the local community and with young people with the meetings of the Collaborative Programme:

In Denmark we had in December 2015 an initial meeting with board members from the Danish collaborative organization ICEL, Islamic Centre for European Countries. At this first meeting, we agreed to launch our cooperation in the CoCoRa project. Subsequently, we held several planning meetings, and ICEL has appointed a local project contact person to be continuously associated to the project. As part of the planning, we have discussed a recruitment plan and a first proposal for the prevention programme. We already enrolled about 10 local youngsters, and more youngsters have shown their interest. The first programme proposal is circulated for assessment and further proposals among the future participants and in a group of local parents.”

…in France: Meetings took place between May and June,  in ADICE’s office. Local partners working with young people at risk (associations, social centers, public authorities) were invited to share their experience and their ideas to create the Prevention Program.

The meeting was divided into three parts :

  1. Presentation of the project (partners, objectives, activities and results)
  2. Definition of the problem of radicalization: public, signs, situation in Europe, situation in France, situation in Roubaix.
  3. Experiences and ideas to fight against radicalization.

The local partners will take part to the recruitment of young Ambassadors.

…in Germany: Various bilateral meetings between Cultures Interactive (CI) and local community representatives from the Berlin quarter “Neukölln” lead up to a focus workshop day in view of finalising the collaborative program – and collecting suitable approaches. The workshop day was conducted at CI on the 27th May. Its main focus was on the needs in the community and on the approaches which have already been built locally.

….In Austria, we have conducted three meetings with local organizations and local communities. During these meetings we had the opportunity to introduce the CoCoRa project, to present the main concepts and subjects related to the Programme, to gather ideas for next activities and to recruit participants for the CoCoRa Prevention Programme. We had in total over 10 participants to our meetings and we received great ideas and subjects to develop during the Prevention Programme. The ideas and subjects were related to: opportunities for young people, Democracy and active participation, Intercultural Dialog, Crossing Cultures, Job opportunities and internships, personal development trainings, theater and film workshops, Forum Theater, Anti-discrimination and Diversity, Future vision and perspectives.

…in Italy: Three meetings took place in April and May 2016, representative of various organisations were invited as well as young people interested in the Prevention Programme. The meetings served to discuss basic concepts of the CoCoRa project and to collect ideas and tips for activities during the Prevention Programme.

Partners are currently evaluating their experience with the Collaborative Programme. The methods, tools exercises will be documented in the CoCoRa Collaborative Programme Handbook for further transfer, including a step-by-step description of the structural and organizational basis of long-term local community collaboration in the field of prevention.


What next will happen in CoCoRa?

Based on the ideas collected throughout the Collaborative Programme, partners are currently developing the activities for the Prevention Programme.

Key topics of the activities will be:

  • Anti-discrimination, equal treatment and human rights
  • Active Citizenship
  • Democracy and democratic institutions
  • Education and labour market
  • Empowerment, identity building and sense of belonging
  • Social and cultural capital
  • Radicalisation and violent extremism
  • Sports and voluntary activities
  • Opportunities for young people at local, regional, national and EU level

The programme will be implemented between September 2016 and February 2017.


CoCoRa project partners



Margit Helle Thomsen
+45 51 20 48 58
Elsinore, Denmark



Fanny Dufréchou
+33 03 20 11 22 68
Roubaix, France


Cultures Interactive

Harald Weilnböck
+49 30 60 40 19 50
Berlin, Germany


Verein Multikulturell

Carmen Mezinca
+43 51 256 29 29
Innsbruck, Austria



Dorothea Urban
+39 091 616 42 24
Palermo, Italy


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