CoCoRa: Nine key topics for the prevention of violent extremism

CoCoRa: Nine key topics for the prevention of violent extremism

The CoCoRa project develops a collaborative approach for the prevention of violent extremism among young people. In the last months, partner organisations have organized various meetings with local contact persons: members of local community organisations, representatives of mosques, and youth organisations working in the field of prevention. Discussions and exchange of views were the methodical basis for all meetings, aiming to construct the basis for a participatory approach to the prevention of violent extremism. Also, young people were involved in some of the meetings to hear about their ideas and expectations.

The results of the collaborative meetings were discussed by CoCoRa project partners at their recent transnational meeting in Roubaix, France on 7th-8th July 2016. Overall, the evaluation of this first phase has been very positive, and all partners collected various ideas for the implementation of the next project phase, the Prevention Programme. The programme will consist of a long-term course of diverse activities involving around 15-20 young people (between 18-25 years) in each partner country. Key topics of the activities will be:

  • Anti-discrimination, equal treatment and human rights
  • Active Citizenship
  • Democracy and democratic institutions
  • Education and labour market
  • Empowerment, identity building and sense of belonging
  • Social and cultural capital
  • Radicalisation and violent extremism
  • Sports and voluntary activities
  • Opportunities for young people at local, regional, national and EU level

The Prevention Programme will rely on a participatory approach that leaves space for personal preferences and interests of the young participants. The overall aim is to build self-confidence of youngsters, providing them with new knowledge and experiences and encouraging their active engagement at local level. Activities will be launched in August/September in all countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy) and last until beginning of 2017.

Young people interested in continuing can subsequently participate at the Ambassador Programme, an intensive training programme that will provide the competences necessary for presenting their learning journey and needs to the local community, including representatives of local authorities.

On the second day of the meeting the CoCoRa partners also had the opportunity to meet three collaborative partners from France who presented current efforts against violent extremism and Jihadism in Roubaix and the region:

  • Moussa Allem from the Regional Direction for Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion, Nord-Pas-De Calais
  • Ali Rhani from the NGO “Rencontre et Dialogue”
  • Guillaume Logez from the NGO ALEFPA

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