Activities and Outputs

The CoCoRa project developed and tested a new community-based prevention strategy, composed by the following activities:

The CoCoRa Collaborative Programme

It was the starting point for the collaboration with local communities. Collaborative workshops/meetings with local resource persons were organised to:

  1. introduce the project idea and its objectives; and
  2. launch brainstorming, planning, announcement and engagement of young persons for the prevention programme.

The CoCoRa Prevention Programme

A long-term course of various activities, focusing on issues and dilemmas related to equal and active citizenship in practice, antidiscrimination, democracy and citizen´s right and duties, empowerment and the so-called self-including citizenship.

The CoCoRa Ambassador Programme

A further training programme for young participants at the prevention programme to become spokesmen towards local authorities and professionals working in the field of prevention. The “ambassadors” were trained in communication and dialogic skills to present the actual – and often invisible – needs and aspirations among the youngsters to local key stakeholders.

The CoCoRa Prevention Strategy

A total prevention package, consisting of interactive methodical handbooks, presenting all materials from the CoCoRa programmes.

The CoCoRa Handbook Collection

In the Handbook Collection all three Programmes are explained in detail. The Handbook Collection is divided into two parts:

  1. PART ONE summarizes the CoCoRa aims, objectives, background and strategic perspective and proceeds with an introduction to the methodological approach to community-based and early prevention. Then follows a review of breeding grounds for violent radicalisation and extremism, as learned from the CoCoRa learning and training sessions with young participants in the 5 CoCoRa countries.
  2. PART TWO presents the CoCoRa strategy and methodology including an initial outline of the strategy elements, followed by methodological considerations and concrete examples of tools from the three CoCoRa programmes: the Collaborative Programme, the Prevention Programme and the Ambassador Programme.

Download the CoCoRa Handbook Collection here: ENDE – FR – DK – IT