The Project

Background of the CoCoRa project

Throughout Europe we can observe an increased preparedness to prevent and counteract young people´s radicalisation towards violent and militant extremism. However, in previous efforts, there seems to be skepticism about the involvement of local communities and civil society resources in the activities.

The CoCoRa project therefore aims to develop a prevention strategy in close collaboration with local communities that may be targeted by violent extremists.

CoCoRa’s objectives

The CoCoRa partner organisations from five European countries work together to reach the following overall aims:

  1. To contribute to the improvement of prevention efforts against violent extremism and terrorist recruitment among young people
  2. To develop a prevention programme focused on young people’s empowerment and equal and active citizenship
  3. To involve local communities as equal partners in developing the prevention programme, involving community knowledge, confidence and credibility
  4. To train the young participants for an intercultural ambassadorship to engage in dialogue and coproduction with professionals in prevention activities
Download here the CoCoRa leaflet